• Sebastian Ruder


    Research scientist @DeepMind. Natural language processing. Transfer learning. Making ML & NLP accessible @eurnl @DeepIndaba

  • Saumith Chintala


    Multi-modal world models, robots. I think deeply about lowering the barrier to use A.I. I co-created and lead PyTorch at Facebook A.I.

  • Asst. Prof. of Statistics @UWMadison. Machine Learning & Deep Learning researcher. Author of 'Python Machine Learning' & open source contributor.

  • Facebook AI Research


    Facebook AI focuses on connecting people to what they care about, powering meaningful and safe experiences, advancing ML, and conducting open research.

  • Andrej Karpathy


    Director of AI at Tesla. Previously a research scientist at OpenAI and CS PhD student at Stanford. I like to train deep neural nets on large datasets

  • Nice bunch of posts from @hardmaru, A research scientist at google brain

  • Associate Professor of CS and DS at @nyuniversity & @CILVRatNYU

  • Open-sourcerer writing the missing instruction manuals of the web. No ads, no bullshit.

  • Director of @StanfordAIMI center, radiologist @RSNA board member & informatics geek, hacker at heart, author of http://bit.ly/radreportbook

  • Professor at NYU. Chief AI Scientist at Facebook. Researcher in AI, Machine Learning, etc. ACM Turing Award Laureate.

  • Zach is a web developer working at Netlify. He's currently fixated on web fonts and making the static site generator Eleventy. His blog has interesting posts about a lot of different topics.

  • front-end dev @codista_· co-organizer @wearewebclerks Runs http://whimsical.club · writes about #HTML, #CSS, #IndieWeb

  • Managing Director @HardianHealth, Ex-NHS radiologist, 2x startups, now consultancy for clinical validation, regulation and investment in health technologies

  • Scientist. Assoc Prof of Stats/CS @UofT; Founding Member @VectorInst; Canada CIFAR AI Chair. I study inference / computation to understand machine intelligence.

  • François Chollet


    Deep learning @google. Creator of Keras, neural networks library. Author of 'Deep Learning with Python'.

  • Sr. Research Scientist @Amazon, Robotics AI. SLAM, Deep Learning, and Robotic Mobility.

  • From Knight Rider's KITT to Ironman's JARVIS, intelligent copilots have been a staple of forward-looking pop culture. Advancements in AI and high-performance...

  • Jason started this blog because he is passionate about helping professional developers to get started and confidently apply machine learning to address complex problems.

  • Research Scientist @GoogleAI. CS PhD @Cornell. Working on Deep Learning and Applications to Healthcare. #ForbesUnder30 in Science. #WiML2015 organizer

  • Google AI Research


    Google Research blog tackle the most challenging problems in Computer Science and related fields. This blog covers a wide area of research on AI.

  • Co-Founder of Coursera; Stanford CS adjunct faculty. Former head of Baidu AI Group/Google Brain.