Sadanand Singh

Principal Research Scientist @whiterabbit.ai, Amateur Photographer, and a Cook

Puzzle 1: Train Speed Problem

As promised in the intro post, here is the first puzzle! Problem Statement A man needs to go through a train tunnel to reach the other side. He starts running through the tunnel in an effort to reach his destination as soon as possible. When he is 1/4th of the way through the tunnel, he hears the train whistle behind him. Assuming the tunnel is not big enough for him and the train, he has to get out of the tunnel in order to survive.

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This is Sadanand Singh. I am a process engineer, a physicist, a programmer, an Indian and a human being; with interests in world politics, economics, and society. Me some long time ago in Oregon somewhere! This space is for my personal notes on different subjects. I plan to share my thoughts on following topics from time to time. Technology Statistics Machine Learning News Economics Education Politics, Society & Education Indian Food Puzzles If you have interests in any of these topics, you are welcome to have a peek into my world.