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This is my digital garden for all things related to Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Life Sciences, Programming, C++, Python, Maths, Food and everything else!

I am a Scientist, Engineer, Photography Enthusiast, and a Foodie! My research interests are in represntation learning, phsysics-aware machine learning, and in fundamental understanding of stochastics processes.

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Astro + MDX + Tailwind CSS

This is a new port of my blog using latest technologies like Astro, Tailwind CS, React, MDX, Typescript etc.

Interactive Data and Components

Includes live interactive content and lazy load react components. Some examples are latest arxiv papers, github stats etc.

Useful tips and tricks

Regular posts with useful trips and tricks from my daily life. For example, you can find osts on setting up Linux, different hardware, india recipes, how to setup this blog and so on...

Clean, smooth and speedy

Developed based on the Astro Paper theme, I have tried to keep it clean, ad-free, distraction free, smooth and speedy.

Paper reviews

I post regulalrly reviews of latest papers specially on the topics of my research interests - representation learning, medical imaging, transformers etc.

New Ideas

A place for new ideas for projects. Please use comments on different posts to keep in touch and/or share your ideas.

Recent Articles

Recent Publications


  • Deep is a Luxury We Don't Have

    Ahmed Taha,Nhi Truong Vu,Brent Mombourquette,Thomas P. Matthews,Jason Su,Sadanand Singh


  • An improved mammography malignancy model with self-supervised learning

    Nhi Truong Vu,Trevor Tsue,Jason Su,Sadanand Singh
  • A Multisite Study of a Breast Density Deep Learning Model for Full-Field Digital Mammography and Synthetic Mammography

    Thomas P. Matthews,Sadanand Singh,Brent Mombourquette,Jason Su,Meet P. Shah,Stefano Pedemonte,Aaron Long,David Maffit,Jenny Gurney,Rodrigo Morales Hoil,Nikita Ghare,Douglas Smith,Stephen M. Moore,Susan C. Marks,Richard L. Wahl


  • Adaptation of a deep learning malignancy model from full-field digital mammography to digital breast tomosynthesis

    Sadanand Singh,Thomas P. Matthews,Meet Shah,Brent Mombourquette,Trevor Tsue,Aaron Long,Ranya Almohsen,Stefano Pedemonte,Jason Su
  • A hypersensitive breast cancer detector

    Stefano Pedemonte,Brent Mombourquette,Alexis Goh,Trevor Tsue,Aaron Long,Sadanand Singh,Thomas P. Matthews,Meet Shah,Jason Su