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  • 10 April 2021
    Truely Sparse Object Detection: Sparse R-CNN
    A purely sparse method for object detection in images. A fixed set of learned object proposals, total length of N, are used, thus eleiminating upto hundreds of thousands had designed candidate proposals.
  • 5 April 2021
    UPDATE: A more reactive site and blog with gatsby
    Updated this blog site to use gatsby! Allows me to add many react components in pages and provide a more interactive experience.
  • 23 January 2021
    How do you measure trust in deep learning?
    Whether it’s diagnosing patients or driving cars, we want to know whether we can trust a person before assigning them a sensitive task. In the human world, we have different ways to establish and measure trustworthiness.
  • 4 January 2021
    Data-efficient image Transformers
    Image classification — the task of understanding the main content of an image — is easy for humans but hard for machines. In particular, it is challenging for convolution-free Transformers like DeiT...




  • An improved mammography malignancy model with self-supervised learning

    Nhi Truong Vu,Trevor Tsue,Jason Su,Sadanand Singh
  • A Multisite Study of a Breast Density Deep Learning Model for Full-Field Digital Mammography and Synthetic Mammography

    Thomas P. Matthews,Sadanand Singh,Brent Mombourquette,Jason Su,Meet P. Shah,Stefano Pedemonte,Aaron Long,David Maffit,Jenny Gurney,Rodrigo Morales Hoil,Nikita Ghare,Douglas Smith,Stephen M. Moore,Susan C. Marks,Richard L. Wahl


  • Adaptation of a deep learning malignancy model from full-field digital mammography to digital breast tomosynthesis

    Sadanand Singh,Thomas P. Matthews,Meet Shah,Brent Mombourquette,Trevor Tsue,Aaron Long,Ranya Almohsen,Stefano Pedemonte,Jason Su
  • A hypersensitive breast cancer detector

    Stefano Pedemonte,Brent Mombourquette,Alexis Goh,Trevor Tsue,Aaron Long,Sadanand Singh,Thomas P. Matthews,Meet Shah,Jason Su

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