Hi, I’m Sadanand Singh. I work at I build AI models in medical imaging and enjoy working with Algorithms, Python/C++, and medical and biological data. My background is in computational physics, numerical modeling and optimization and software design. I have a PhD in computational physics/chemical engineering focusing on computational models of nano-materials and bio-molecules.

My active area of research is in applications of deep learning and computer vision in medical imaging and in the radiology business. I am specifically interested in designing AI models that are explainable and tractable.

Research Interests

  • Applications of deep learning algorithms to multi-modal screening mammography for classification and localization of cancer
  • Development of explainable AI models for medical applications.
  • Domain adaptation of Deep Leaning and Machine Learning models
  • Self-supervised learning to incorporate large amounts of unlabeled medical data
  • Applications of modern web technologies to make deep learning research more transparent, reproducible and easy to share.
  • Using fundamentals of stochastic learning to model consumer behavior.


A copy of my CV can be seen here .
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AI and Computer Vision Skills

Skills I acquired during 5+ years of being in tech industry

  • Deep Learning / Machine Learning

    • PyTorch, Tensorflow and Keras
    • Self Supervised Learning
    • GANs & Autoencoders
    • Mlflow Development
    • Tree-based Models
    • Support Vector Machines
    • Clustering Algorithms
    • Mixture Models
  • Medical Imaging

    • Breast Screening
    • Tomography Synthesis Images
    • Anamoly Detection
    • Object Detection with Detectron2
    • Medical Imaging In-painting via GANs
    • Trust in Medical AI systems
    • Explanatory Models

Web Development Skills

Skills I learned during my free time and special during the quarantine

  • Front-end Development

    • React: Gatsby
    • Tailwind CSS and Component Libraries
    • 11ty
    • SEO-friendly and Accessible Designs
  • Backend Development

    • MongoDB
    • PostgreAQL
    • Flask
    • Graphql



  • An improved mammography malignancy model with self-supervised learning

    Nhi Truong Vu,Trevor Tsue,Jason Su,Sadanand Singh
  • A Multisite Study of a Breast Density Deep Learning Model for Full-Field Digital Mammography and Synthetic Mammography

    Thomas P. Matthews,Sadanand Singh,Brent Mombourquette,Jason Su,Meet P. Shah,Stefano Pedemonte,Aaron Long,David Maffit,Jenny Gurney,Rodrigo Morales Hoil,Nikita Ghare,Douglas Smith,Stephen M. Moore,Susan C. Marks,Richard L. Wahl


  • Adaptation of a deep learning malignancy model from full-field digital mammography to digital breast tomosynthesis

    Sadanand Singh,Thomas P. Matthews,Meet Shah,Brent Mombourquette,Trevor Tsue,Aaron Long,Ranya Almohsen,Stefano Pedemonte,Jason Su
  • A hypersensitive breast cancer detector

    Stefano Pedemonte,Brent Mombourquette,Alexis Goh,Trevor Tsue,Aaron Long,Sadanand Singh,Thomas P. Matthews,Meet Shah,Jason Su


  • Generating a Machine Learning Model to Place SRAFs

    Sadanand Singh,Ramon Calderer,Vasudev Lal







  • Case Study on Tubular Reactor Hot-Spot Temperature Control for Throughput Maximization

    Sadanand Singh,Shivangi Lal,Nitin Kaistha


Collection of DL, ML and Web development side projects.

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