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Hi, I'm Sadanand Singh. I am working on something cool using AI/ML -- in the field of finance and medicine. I am an avid lover of Algorithms, Python, Rust, C++, Javascript. My background is in computational physics, numerical modeling and optimization and software design. I have a PhD in computational physics/chemical engineering focusing on computational models of nano-materials and bio-molecules.

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My active area of research is in applications of statistics, machin learning, deep learning and computer vision in manufacturing, medical imaging and in the radiology business. I am specifically interested in designing AI models that are explainable and tractable.

Research Interests


A copy of my CV can be found here
This file was last updated on Sun May 7 2023.

AI and Computer Vision Skills

Skills I acquired during 14+ years of being in grad school and tech industry

Web Development Skills

Skills I learned during my free time and special during the quarantine

FAQs About Me

Who am I in a few sentences?

I am a physicist, a programmer, and someone who enjoys technology. I am also an occasional cook! I love solving real-world problems using technology and teaching.

Things I truly enjoy working on?

Real-life problems that we have some physical understanding about, but can not fully comprehend using traditional tools. I enjoy using modern tools in an innovative and unique manner to solve such problems.

What am I learning?

I am learning few things these days - deep learning deployment using C++ and Rust, training transformers with minimal resources and working with extrmely large amount of data for training of regression models.

How did I get into AI/ML research?

Well, first a clarification - I don't consider myself an AI/ML researcher. These are some modern tools that I started enjoying real-world problems like lithography, protein folding and materials engineering.

Future technologies I am really excited about?

Quantum computing - specially thier usage in solving physical problems. Development of quantum computing algorithms for machine learning!

Things I would like to learn?

Some things I would like to learn in no particular order - CSS, Typescript, React, A full UI development using QT, and Reinforcement Learning.