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Indian Vermicelli Recipe

Posted on:January 28, 2015 at 12:00 AM
 at 2 min read

This is for all the lazy souls like me - in a mood to eat something tasty, but in no mood to cook for long.

Vermicelli, or also known as seviyan in Hindi, is commonly cooked as a sweet dish in Indian subcontinent. As I try to be away from all things sweet, I came across this recipe which uses this in a quite spicy flavor.

So, here is my super quick and tasty recipe for these noodles. It takes less than 12 minutes ( 4 Minutes Preparation + 8 Minutes Cooking).

Raw Ingredients

IngredientsSection titled Ingredients

PreparationSection titled Preparation

Let it cool before serving. You can use some ketchup or sauce with it. I like adding peanuts to it while frying onions.

Yummy! Ready to Eat!
Yummy! Ready to Eat!

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