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Updating GatsbyJS Looks: A New Home with A New Look

Posted on:September 2, 2019 at 12:00 AM
 at 4 min read

First of all, apologies for a sudden update of the domain name - from to the new address! I let the old address lease expire and opted for a new (hopefully better!) home for this blog. The code base has also moved to a new repository.

Along with the updated address, you will also a find few big and many small changes in the looks of the overall theme. When I had moved to gatsbyJS, the overall looks of this site was very much a replica of Tania Rascia’s Blog. In last few months, I have been completely quite here. Although things were not visible in terms of posts, I have been busy cleaning a lot of things in background, and learning a lot in the process. I have tried to evolve the looks now to something which is starting to be different than the original blog. Feel free to add any comments on twitter about any particular visual changes you do not like or would like to see.

In this post, I am going to summarize the changes I have made. I will also briefly talk of concepts that I have learnt lately. I will write about some of these topics in more depth later this week.

Summary of changesSection titled Summary of changes

MDX filesSection titled MDX files

MDX is markdown for the component era. It lets you write JSX embedded inside markdown. It’s a great combination because it allows you to use markdown’s often terse syntax (such as # heading) for the little things and JSX for more advanced components. This was a high time I made a move to the future. With this change, now I can have all the power of react directly in markdown files.

Removal of third party services and Javascript/CSS cleanupSection titled Removal of third party services and Javascript/CSS cleanup

As promised, I have removed all kinds of invasive third party services. One particular service that I never liked was disqus, as it introduces numerous ads. Even though I do not have any alternative for posting comments directly on posts yet, I have decided to remove it. Hopefully, for the time being all the discussions can happend on twitter itself. I plan to come up with a self hosted solution in the near future.

I have also learnt a lot more about Javascript and CSS in this quite time. These learning have led to a lot of cleanup of Javascript, JSX and CSS codes as well.

Code::Stats visualizationsSection titled Code::Stats visualizations

Code::Stats is free stats tracking service for programmers. Users are awarded with experience points for the amount of programming done. It tracks your usage per day, hour, language etc. They provide some cool visualization on their site. However, I wanted to shared additional stats of my coding pattern directly on my website. In this attempt, I use my usage data directly from their RESTful API. Developing this was one of the best learning experiences of react and Javascript. You can check my final solution live at my Code:Stats page.

Additional react componentsSection titled Additional react components

As, mentioned above, now I can use any react component directly in a markdown file. This was a high time to go crazy about coming up with all kinds of useful components. To start, I was specially interested in using medium-like zoom feature for images (specially for ones hosted on cloudinary). I used the react-medium-image-zoom package to create a ZoomImage component.

I have also created/used several other interesting components to make markdown content more appealing and interactive. You can take a look at the photo gallery in action at My DL Setup post. A simple TLDR and Update component usage can be seen on the comet review post. I have also added a similar posts component that find six posts that are most closely related to the current post. The logic is composed of assigning weights based on the number of matched tags and categories. You can see the details of my implementation at this site’s repository. You can see “similar posts” in action right at the end of this post.

I will write about some of the these topics in further details in coming week(s). In the mean time, you can go through my repository to have a look at the details of my changes.