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Mix-Veg Paneer Recipe

Posted on:February 8, 2015 at 12:00 AM
 at 2 min read

I am quite found of Paneer. However, cooking it can be a hassle.

You can get paneer generally at any Indian grocery store. For enthusiasts, Here is a recipe for making Paneer from milk.

Here is a version of recipe that I use quite often. It involves two parts - Baking Paneer and Cooking the veggies.

raw paneer

IngredientsSection titled Ingredients

For Baking PaneerSection titled For Baking Paneer

For VeggiesSection titled For Veggies

PreparationSection titled Preparation

Bake PaneerSection titled Bake Paneer

Prepare VeggiesSection titled Prepare Veggies

Let it cool before serving. It can be served either Indian breads or rice.

Mixed Veg Paneer

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