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Veggie Samosa Recipe

Posted on:August 8, 2020 at 12:00 AM
 at 3 min read

Samosa, does it need any introduction? I don’t think so! Because samosa is so so common in India (you literally get samosa and tea/chai at every other street corner), I always considered it to be a quintessential Indian delicacy.

Aloo Samosa is the most popular snack back home. I specially like the crispy and less spicy version!

One of few advantages of COVID-19 quarantine have been the amount of time I have been getting in the kitchen. This weekend I tried my hand at making Aloo/potatoes Samosa in my kitchen!

So, here is my simplified version of Aloo Samosa recipe!

Dough for Samosas

IngredientsSection titled Ingredients

For Samosa DoughSection titled For Samosa Dough

Preparing Samosas Shape!

For Samosa FillingsSection titled For Samosa Fillings

Samosas Filling!

PreparationSection titled Preparation

Samosa DoughSection titled Samosa Dough

Samosas Ready to Fry!

Samosa FillingSection titled Samosa Filling


Making/Frying SamosasSection titled Making/Frying Samosas

Ready to Eat Samosas!

Serve your self these with wither mango chutney or just plain ketchup! and don’t forget Tea/Chai!!