1. Not a Blog, but a Digital Garden!

    Blog (Draft)

    A real-life garden is usually a place where things grow.

  2. Using Novela Theme with Modifications

    Blog, Guides

    The world of web design, programming, and specially gatsbyjs has been moving at an astonishing pace. If you have been following me here, you would know, I am all for new, and cleaner looks.

  3. Goodbye 2019, Welcome 2020!


    And it’s that time of year again! Most of you must have started planning for a brand new year and a new decade. Keeping up with that spirit, this post is about my plans and expectations regarding this blog space for the upcoming new year.

  4. New Features for this Blog


    2019 has been a year of gatsby updates for this site. So, I wanted to end this year with the same spirit. And, I am hoping this is going to be the begining of maturity of the looks and features of this blog. In the upcoming year, I plan to focus mainly on content, specifically related to medicine, AI and proramming.

  5. Updating GatsbyJS Looks: A New Home with A New Look


    First of all, apologies for a sudden update of the domain name - from datasciencevision.com to the new address reckoning.dev! I let the old address lease expire and opted for a new (hopefully better!) home for this blog. The code base has also moved to a new repository.

  6. This Blog is Now Powered by GatsbyJS


    I started this blog using pelican in 2014. Since then, I moved to Nikola, and then to Hugo. I covered my move from Nikola to Hugo in a post back in 2017. The main reason for these moves have been my constant quest for learning something new and making this platform simple and aesthetically pleasing.

  7. Switching to Hugo from Nikola


    I have been using Nikola to build this Blog. Its a great static site build system that is based on Python. However, It has some crazy amount of dependencies (to have reasonable looking site). It uses restructured text (rst) as the primary language for content creation.

  8. Welcome to My Blog


    This is Sadanand Singh. I am a process engineer, a physicist, a programmer, an Indian and a human being; with interests in world politics, economics, and society.