1. Using Novela Theme with Modifications

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    The world of web design, programming, and specially gatsbyjs has been moving at an astonishing pace. If you have been following me here, you would know, I am all for new, and cleaner looks.

  2. Setting up Macbook Pro for Development


    I have documented my setup for linux machines before before. However, lately I have been working a lot on my MacBook Pro. In this post, I want to document my setup for my macbook for my own future needs. I am always curious to see how other software developers are setting up their development machines so I figured it would be a good opportunity to share mine.

  3. From zsh to fish: A Complete Setup Guide

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    I have been using zsh for than 4 years now. I ended up with an extensive set of my own changes/configurations on top of zprezto, zplug plugins. You can see all of my changes/configurations in my personal zprezto repo.

  4. Perfect Reference Management using Zotero and pCloud

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    As a researcher, I have to keep myself up-to-date with latest research in my field. Given the pace with which deep learning research is moving currently, it has become quite a gargantuan task lately. Large quantity also brings a lot of noise with it.

  5. Interactive Data Visualization in Python Using Bokeh

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    There are two types of data visualizations: exploratory and explanatory. Explanatory analysis is what happens when you have something specific you want to show an audience. The aim of explanatory visualizations is to tell stories - they’re carefully constructed to surface key findings.

  6. My Arch Linux Setup with GNOME 3

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    If you have been following me on this space, you would have known by now, I am very particular about my computers, its operating systems, looks, softwares etc. Before you start getting any wrong ideas, my love for Arch Linux is still going strong.

  7. Sublime Text Setup


    I have been using Sublime text as my primary editor for some time now. Here I wanted to share my current setup for the editor including all settings, packages, shortcut keys and themes.

  8. My Arch Linux Setup with Plasma 5

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    Arch Linux is a general purpose GNU/Linux distribution that provides most up-to-date software by following the rolling-release model. Arch Linux allows you to use updated cutting-edge software and packages as soon as the developers released them.

  9. Plasma 5 Installation on Arch Linux

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    In my last post on Arch Installation Guide , We installed the base system and we can now login into our new system as root using the password that we set.

  10. Arch Installation Guide

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    You must be thinking - yet another installation guide! There is no dearth of Installation guides of Arch on web. So why another one?

  11. My New Desktop

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    It has been long due. Just built a new desktop. Here are different parts I used to build this beauty. (Updated Cost)