1. From zsh to fish: A Complete Setup Guide

    Guides, Linux

    I have been using zsh for than 4 years now. I ended up with an extensive set of my own changes/configurations on top of zprezto, zplug plugins. You can see all of my changes/configurations in my personal zprezto repo.

  2. My Deep Learning Workstation Setup

    Linux, MachineLearning, DeepLearning

    Lately, a lot of my friends have been asking about my deep learning workstation setup. In this post I am going to describe my hardware, OS, and different packages that I use. In particular, based on the question, I found that the most of the interest have been around managing different python versions, and modules like pytorch/tensorflow libraries etc.

  3. My Arch Linux Setup with GNOME 3

    Linux, Guides

    If you have been following me on this space, you would have known by now, I am very particular about my computers, its operating systems, looks, softwares etc. Before you start getting any wrong ideas, my love for Arch Linux is still going strong.

  4. My Arch Linux Setup with Plasma 5

    Linux, Guides

    Arch Linux is a general purpose GNU/Linux distribution that provides most up-to-date software by following the rolling-release model. Arch Linux allows you to use updated cutting-edge software and packages as soon as the developers released them.

  5. Plasma 5 Installation on Arch Linux

    Linux, Guides

    In my last post on Arch Installation Guide , We installed the base system and we can now login into our new system as root using the password that we set.

  6. Arch Installation Guide

    Linux, Guides

    You must be thinking - yet another installation guide! There is no dearth of Installation guides of Arch on web. So why another one?

  7. My New Desktop

    Linux, Guides

    It has been long due. Just built a new desktop. Here are different parts I used to build this beauty. (Updated Cost)