1. Balushahi Recipe


    Another day in the kitchen this weekend calls for another delicacy from my childhood! Samosa and Balushahi were a great combination of savory and sweet things to have on any great occasion!

  2. Veggie Samosa Recipe


    Samosa, does it need any introduction? I don’t think so! Because samosa is so so common in India (you literally get samosa and tea/chai at every other street corner), I always considered it to be a quintessential Indian delicacy.

  3. YOLO-v4 Object Detector

    DeepLearning, MachineLearning

    Object detection is useful for understanding what’s in an image, describing both what is in an image and where those objects are found. In general, there are two different approaches for this task –

  4. Using Novela Theme with Modifications

    Blog, Guides

    The world of web design, programming, and specially gatsbyjs has been moving at an astonishing pace. If you have been following me here, you would know, I am all for new, and cleaner looks.

  5. Book Review: The Patient Will See You Now


    We all can relate to this common routine at the doctor’s - spending hours in the waiting room next to coughing people, increasing the risk of us getting sicker than we were in the first place.

  6. Setting up Macbook Pro for Development


    I have documented my setup for linux machines before before. However, lately I have been working a lot on my MacBook Pro. In this post, I want to document my setup for my macbook for my own future needs. I am always curious to see how other software developers are setting up their development machines so I figured it would be a good opportunity to share mine.

  7. Goodbye 2019, Welcome 2020!


    And it’s that time of year again! Most of you must have started planning for a brand new year and a new decade. Keeping up with that spirit, this post is about my plans and expectations regarding this blog space for the upcoming new year.

  8. From zsh to fish: A Complete Setup Guide

    Guides, Linux

    I have been using zsh for than 4 years now. I ended up with an extensive set of my own changes/configurations on top of zprezto, zplug plugins. You can see all of my changes/configurations in my personal zprezto repo.

  9. New Features for this Blog


    2019 has been a year of gatsby updates for this site. So, I wanted to end this year with the same spirit. And, I am hoping this is going to be the begining of maturity of the looks and features of this blog. In the upcoming year, I plan to focus mainly on content, specifically related to medicine, AI and proramming.

  10. Updating GatsbyJS Looks: A New Home with A New Look


    First of all, apologies for a sudden update of the domain name - from datasciencevision.com to the new address reckoning.dev! I let the old address lease expire and opted for a new (hopefully better!) home for this blog. The code base has also moved to a new repository.

  11. Evaluating Comet for Managing Pytorch Based Deep Learning Experiments

    DeepLearning, MachineLearning

    Managing multiple research experiments at a time can be overwhelming. The same applies to deep learning research as well. Beyond the usual challenges in software development, machine learning developers face new challenges - experiment management (tracking which parameters, code, and data went into a result) and reproducibility (running the same code and environment later)!

  12. This Blog is Now Powered by GatsbyJS


    I started this blog using pelican in 2014. Since then, I moved to Nikola, and then to Hugo. I covered my move from Nikola to Hugo in a post back in 2017. The main reason for these moves have been my constant quest for learning something new and making this platform simple and aesthetically pleasing.

  13. Perfect Reference Management using Zotero and pCloud

    DeepLearning, Guides

    As a researcher, I have to keep myself up-to-date with latest research in my field. Given the pace with which deep learning research is moving currently, it has become quite a gargantuan task lately. Large quantity also brings a lot of noise with it.

  14. My Deep Learning Workstation Setup

    Linux, MachineLearning, DeepLearning

    Lately, a lot of my friends have been asking about my deep learning workstation setup. In this post I am going to describe my hardware, OS, and different packages that I use. In particular, based on the question, I found that the most of the interest have been around managing different python versions, and modules like pytorch/tensorflow libraries etc.

  15. An Overview of Linear Regression Models

    MachineLearning, Algorithms

    Modeling the relationship between a scalar response (or dependent variable) and one or more explanatory variables (or independent variables) is commonly referred as a regression problem. The simplest model of such a relationship can be described by a linear function - referred as linear regression.

  16. Interactive Data Visualization in Python Using Bokeh

    Guides, MachineLearning

    There are two types of data visualizations: exploratory and explanatory. Explanatory analysis is what happens when you have something specific you want to show an audience. The aim of explanatory visualizations is to tell stories - they’re carefully constructed to surface key findings.

  17. A Practical guide to Autoencoders using Keras

    DeepLearning, Algorithms

    Usually in a conventional neural network, one tries to predict a target vector y from input vectors x. In an auto-encoder network, one tries to predict x from x. It is trivial to learn a mapping from x to x if the network has no constraints, but if the network is constrained the learning process becomes more interesting.

  18. My Arch Linux Setup with GNOME 3

    Linux, Guides

    If you have been following me on this space, you would have known by now, I am very particular about my computers, its operating systems, looks, softwares etc. Before you start getting any wrong ideas, my love for Arch Linux is still going strong.

  19. Sublime Text Setup


    I have been using Sublime text as my primary editor for some time now. Here I wanted to share my current setup for the editor including all settings, packages, shortcut keys and themes.

  20. Understanding Boosted Trees Models

    MachineLearning, Algorithms

    In the previous post, we learned about tree based learning methods - basics of tree based models and the use of bagging to reduce variance. We also looked at one of the most famous learning algorithms based on the idea of bagging- random forests.

  21. A Practical Guide to Tree Based Learning Algorithms

    MachineLearning, Algorithms

    Tree based learning algorithms are quite common in data science competitions. These algorithms empower predictive models with high accuracy, stability and ease of interpretation. Unlike linear models, they map non-linear relationships quite well. Common examples of tree based models are: decision trees, random forest, and boosted trees.

  22. Understanding Support Vector Machine via Examples


    In the previous post on Support Vector Machines (SVM), we looked at the mathematical details of the algorithm. In this post, I will be discussing the practical implementations of SVM for classification as well as regression.

  23. Switching to Hugo from Nikola


    I have been using Nikola to build this Blog. Its a great static site build system that is based on Python. However, It has some crazy amount of dependencies (to have reasonable looking site). It uses restructured text (rst) as the primary language for content creation.

  24. An Overview of Descriptive Statistics


    One of the first tasks involved in any data science project is to get to understand the data. This can be extremely beneficial for several reasons:

  25. My Arch Linux Setup with Plasma 5

    Linux, Guides

    Arch Linux is a general purpose GNU/Linux distribution that provides most up-to-date software by following the rolling-release model. Arch Linux allows you to use updated cutting-edge software and packages as soon as the developers released them.

  26. Support Vector Machines

    Algorithms, MachineLearning

    In this post we will explore a class of machine learning methods called Support Vector Machines also known commonly as SVM.

  27. Carrot Halwa Recipe


    Last month or so has been all silent here. No puzzles, no math, no computers and most important, no Food! And as usual blame is on my work schedule.

  28. Moore's Law and Algorithms - Case of Fibonacci Numbers


    The world of computers is moving fast. While going through some materials on algorithms, I have come across an interesting discussion -enhancements in hardware (cpu) vis-a-vis algorithms.

  29. Plasma 5 Installation on Arch Linux

    Linux, Guides

    In my last post on Arch Installation Guide , We installed the base system and we can now login into our new system as root using the password that we set.

  30. Arch Installation Guide

    Linux, Guides

    You must be thinking - yet another installation guide! There is no dearth of Installation guides of Arch on web. So why another one?

  31. Two Simple Math Puzzles: Prime Numbers and Shortest Path


    Here are two math puzzles, solve, comment and enjoy the discussion!

  32. Palak Paneer Recipe


    Last month or so has been all silent here. No puzzles, no math, no computers and most important, no Food! And as usual blame is on my work schedule.

  33. Tilapia Fish Recipe


    Typically, hunger and laziness come to me as inseparable couples. To make things worse, I have been trying to eat healthy.

  34. Aloo Paratha Recipe


    Today, I share one of my favorite dishes - Aloo Paratha. It is a dish of mashed potato stuffed bread from the Northern India. It is my favorite breakfast dish when I am in India.

  35. Mix-Veg Paneer Recipe


    I am quite found of Paneer. However, cooking it can be a hassle.

  36. My New Desktop

    Linux, Guides

    It has been long due. Just built a new desktop. Here are different parts I used to build this beauty. (Updated Cost)

  37. Indian Vermicelli Recipe


    This is for all the lazy souls like me - in a mood to eat something tasty, but in no mood to cook for long.

  38. Shortest Non-repeating Substring


    Given an alphanumeric string, find the shortest substring that occurs exactly once as a (contiguous) substring in it. Overlapping occurrences are counted as distinct. If there are several candidates of the same length, you must output all of them in the order of occurrence. The space is NOT considered as a valid non-repeating substring.

  39. Lal Saag Recipe


    I have started eating a lot of greens these days. As a kid, I always loved a vegetable made by my mom, which was made of red leaves, called “Laal Saag” in Hindi. I could never find what exactly was the English/American name for those leaves.

  40. Puzzle 2: Consumer Transport Problem


    Here is another puzzle starring a monkey, transportation and money! Short summary - avoid dealing with fools!

  41. Puzzle 1: Train Speed Problem


    As promised in the intro post, here is the first puzzle! § Problem Statement A man needs to go through a train tunnel to reach the other side. He starts running through the tunnel in an effort to reach his destination as soon as possible.

  42. Welcome to My Blog


    This is Sadanand Singh. I am a process engineer, a physicist, a programmer, an Indian and a human being; with interests in world politics, economics, and society.